Providing Safe & Efficient Marine Logistics Services

Founded as TSL Marine Limited, the company has built an industry-respected reputation for excellent service delivery, innovation and customer focus.

A modern and
Versatile Fleet

Every vessel that we operate is of a high technical standard. We use our experience to furnish new vessels with the most reliable equipment available, maintain them continuously and, when required, upgrade them to keep them competitive in the market.


Tenax Marine employs the highest safety and quality standards to guarantee world class clients’ operations and excellent technical management of our assets.

We also go to painstaking lengths to ensure quality customer service delivery, while fulfilling local content aimed at encouraging and improving indigenous capacity.


Our desire for operational excellence drives us to deliver innovative solutions and services while maintaining high standards of safety and on time. Our processes are benchedmarked against global industry standards and our dedicated people are committed to operational excellence at every stage – without compromise.


Our people are the lifeblood of our business, and it is our people, irrefutably, who are our single biggest differentiator. We are a medium-sized, growing company that is proud to have retained its ‘family company feel.’


We pride ourselves to have successfully offered our high quality offshore support services to our growing portfolio of clients which include major international oil companies, as well as  engineering procurement and construction contractors


At Tenax Marine we recognize that employees desire a workplace where they are promised a fulfilling engagement and where they can always look forward to being at work – a workplace that recognizes its employees’ roles as indispensable in navigating the direction of the organization.


We are committed to the highest standard of health and safety such that while conducting our business we shall not compromise the health and safety of our employees, clients, contractors and all those that maybe affected by our operations while ensuring the protection of the environment.